The 1896 Tennessee Volunteers football team was the first team since the 1893 Vols. The 1896 Vols also have the distiction of being the first Vols team to compile an undefeated season, or even having a winning record for that matter.

This was also the Vols first season in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association (SIAA).

1896 Schedule Edit

Date Opponent Site Result
October 22, 1896 Williamsburg Maryville, TN W 10-0
October 24, 1896 Chattanooga Athletic Chattanooga, TN W 4-0
November 14, 1896 Virginia Tech Knoxville, TN W 6-4
November 26, 1896 Central High School Knoxville, TN W 30-0
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