---Needs a Rod Wilks page.

---Nice, got the RW page up. Good stuff Nick. The main thing I was kind of hoping for this site to become is a location where anyone can come find out as much about the history of the Vols as they possibly can. I've got the football seasons broken down year by year, but I've done limited work to them so far. I was hoping for each season to have articles on each game, along with stats (if they can be found for older games) as well as some other info. The closest I've come is for a few games from the '08 season, and have the infoboxes with no stats for '98 as well. Check them out and any suggestions to make them better would be appreciated.

Sure thing man. By the way, it would really help you if you got the word out on VN, maybe even get freak to sticky it.

---Yeah that's a good idea, I'll probably PM him in the next few day's to see if he's open to the idea and if he has any suggestions.

---Just as a reference, the standard color of orange that I have been using over all the pages is "#FFA500". Just thought that was the closest color and could be used a a "standard orange" in order for everything to match.

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